Religious Obligations

  • Know the details about Wudu (ablution), and the performance of daily prayers, Friday prayers and funeral prayers.
  • Know about the concept of Ihraam and how to put on the ihraam clothes.
  • Get to know about the full procedure of Umrah. Familiarise yourself thoroughly with It.
  • Get to know about the full procedure of Haj and the details of Ziarat.

If you have and doubt on any of the above, ask your companions or get guidance from a reputed book].

Carry a prayer mat also if you anticipate that you may have to offer prayers on open grounds.

There are very good toilets and Wudu-Khaanas at both Haram Shariefs and pilgrims should avails of these Facilities.

Either you do the sacrifice yourself or in front of you and pay the money then or you can buy the coupon from the Islamic development Bank.

It is best not allow old, infirm and children to go for pelting and even ladies have to be either disallowed or they must go at a time when there is not much rush. the pelting of stones can be done on behalf of the old, aged infirm, children and women by others.

Remember that you are the guests of Allah and always keep in mind that you conduct during the whole Haj should be of high standard that one associates with the guest of Allah.

Be patient and considerate with fellow pilgrims.

Have a helpful attitude. Haj is a spiritual experience which is unique and for many pilgrims it is once in a lift time. Try to get the maximum reward from Allah by spending your time in Ibaadat and repentance. Be on good behaviour. Be very particular specially when you are in the state of Ihraam as there are lot of precautions that you have to observe.

Haj is not easy. Haj entails many difficulties and hard ships. You have to be mentally prepared to bear with them. Always have a positive attitude.

Allah says that from the time you decide to perform Haj you must start praying to Allah to make Haj easy for you. Please keep this in mind.

Spend your maximum time in pry and warship.

Go out of your building much before prayer time as exactly at prayer time you will find a lot of rush and you may miss your prayer.

Do not give money for sacrifice to any person. Do not get cheated by individual persons offering cheap sacrifices.

Do not allow the old, infirm, ladies and children into very crowded places where there is likelihood of their getting injured or suffocated. Especially during the pelting of the jamarat, great care and extreme caution have to be exercised.

Avoid stoning jamarat at times when there is heavy rush.

Do not go near the “Black stone” if Mutaff is over crowded.

Refrain from idle gossip, anger or loose talk. You have to be on your best behaviour. You conduct has to be such that Allah is pleased with you and accepts your Ibadat. You must sincerely repent any sin that you may have committed during lifetime. Be truthful, show compassion to fellow beings, good conduct, exemplary behaviour and desist from anger, outburst and physical violence.