A Quick of Tour Haj

1. Wearing Ihram

  • Clean Yourself – Do Ghusl
  • Wear Ihram Garments
  • Make Intention for Umrah
  • Recite Talbiyah
  • Avoid forbidden Acts while in Ihram

2. Umrah

  • Make Tawaf around the Ka'bah
  • Pray 2 Rakat behind Maqam Ibrahim.
  • Make Sa'i between safa and Marwa
  • Trim hair and remove Ihram Garments
  • Avoid forbidden Acts while in Ihram

3. Going to Mina

  • Put on Ihram Garments again .
  • Make Intention for Hajj .
  • Remain in Mina during the Tarwiah Day ( 8th Zull hajjah ) .And perform the 5 Prayers
  • starting from the Zuhr Prayers and ending with fajr prayer on the day of Arafat .

4. Going to Arafat

  • Leave for Arafat on morning of 9th Zul hajjah and stay until sunset .
  • Stay in any part of Arafat .
  • Glorify Allah,repeat supplication, repent to Allah and ask for forgivness,
  • Pray Zuhr and asr shortened andm combined during the time of Zuhr

5. Going to Muzdalifah

  • Leave for Muzdalifah soon after sunset on 9th Zul Hajjah .
  • Perform Magrib and Isha Prayers combined ( Isha is shortened to 2 rakats ).
  • Stay overnight and perform fajr prayer.

6. Proceed to Mina

  • Shortly before sunrise, leave Muzdalifah for Mina . Go to Jamarat Al-aqabah and stone it with seven pebbles.
  • Slaughter your Sacrifice .
  • Shave your head or trim hair.
  • Take off Ihram Garments.
  • All Ihram restriction are lifted except sexual Intercourse.

7. Tawaf al-ifadha

  • Make Tawaf Al-Ifadha .
  • Make sa'i between safa and Marwah .
  • After Tawaf Al-Ifadha all restriction are lifted .

8. Return to Mina

  • Spend the Tasheeq days in Meena .
  • After Zuhr each day, stone the three Jamarat, starting with small and ending with Al-aqabah.
  • You may leave on 12th after stoning the 3 Jamarat if you wish .

9. Farewell Tawaf

  • Go to Makkah and make farewell Tawaf . Perform 2 rakats of Tawaf
  • Let the Tawaf be the last thing you do in Makkah

10. Visiting Madinah Munawwarah.

  • It is masnun to visit the prophet's Mosque & Tomb in madinah.