General Safety Measures

If you are encashing your bank draft at the airport your should count your money carefully.

Guard against pick-pocket and theft, especially of money and important documents.

Mark all your baggage and luggage so that others can also identify them.

Always wear the metal wrist band given by Haj committee and always carry the card given by the moallim.

Carry a plastic packet for keeping your slippers/sandals in the Haram sharif. Keep them at a place where the cleaners will not sweep them away.

At night, especially in Madinah and Mina you will you feel cold and, therefore, you must have sufficient warm clothings and bedding to protect yourself.

If you have valuables and money which you do not require immediately, you should keep them in safe custody or with your Moallim and get a receipt for the same.

In case you are lost in Makkah or Madinah or Mina or Muzdalifa or Arafat do panic. Some one will find you or guide you to your correct destination though it may take some time. But please do not panic. Ask for direction to your building or camp by showing your metal wrist band or Moallim's card or ask for direction to India Haj Office. Remember to keep cool and do not panic.

In crowded places like areas of Tawaaf and Sayee, during boarding buses, during pelting of jamarat or in queues for toilets or for food, please take care of the old, infirm, ladies and children.

Be careful in crossing roads, do not run but wait for traffic to ease, even if it means waiting.

Be prepared for emergencies like fire and stampede. Keep watch for signs of trouble.

Remember that the Moallims' photo card is not valid for going to Jeddah on a visit. You are liable to be caught at the check-post and sent to jail.

You must keep telephone numbers of your branch Haj office, Building, Moallims, his maktab and of your relatives in India so that you can telephone them at the time of need.

If, Good forbid, any emergency arises during the course of Haj, and even if does not affect you personally, you must immediately inform you relatives in India about your welfare.

Do not get the help of unauthorized persons to count your money. Bankers and there to help and guide you.

Do not carry large amounts of money in crowded places and during Tawaaf or Sayee.

Do not leave your Slippers/Sandals outside Haram sharief. On your return, you may not be able to identify them.

Do not try to become friendly with unknown persons and not try to establish contact with unknown persons, not even the guards of your buildings.

Do not stand behind buses, even if they are stationary. Be careful in walking inside/outside the Haram Sharief as the marble is slippery. Even one drop of water makes is slippery.

Do not visit Jeddah without informing or taking clearance from your Moallims. You may be caught and send to jail.

Do not throw Bidi or cigarette butts in your room, your tent between two tents or from bridges in Mina.

Do not climb on mountains or heights in Mina.

Do not carry any gift or packet given to you by any one. If carrying such a thing is essential, then you must thoroughly inspect the packet.

Do not carry opium, marijuana, brown sugar, sleeping pills, liquor or drug with you. These are banned in Saudi Arabia and invoke the death penalty.