General Information

Haj is a supreme religious experience. It is however, also physically rigorous and emotionally taxing. Pilgrims are therefore advised to prepare themselves physically and mentally so as to face the difficulties that are likely to confronted.


  • Each pilgrim is entitled to only three square meters of space for himself and his baggage. This translates into very limited space availability.
  • Buildings categories in Makkah are based on distance as measured from the outer periphery of the Haram Sheriff. There is no difference in terms of facilities provided to each Pilgrim in any of the categories.
  • Each Pilgrim will be provided with a single mattress at Makkah and Madinah. For his comfort , he is advised to bring bed sheet, some woollen clothes and a light blanket.
  • The measurement route is the shortest possible route on foot.
  • Pilgrims should try to use the lift judiciously, avoiding use at the same time and similarly those on the near floors such as first and second floors may resort to possible use of stairs.
  • Do not over crowd the lift. It is a safety hazard.
  • Each building in Makkah would have one telephone connection which will be available on the ground floor at the reception for use in case of need.
  • Every building has limited kitchen space. Due to constraints of space, at times kitchens are small in size. Pilgrims, if required, and are keen to cook, should cook only in the kitchen space. Efforts are being made to install fridge and gas connection in every building. However, refill shall have to be obtained by the Pilgrims themselves at their own expenses. Electric stove could also be utilised in the buildings where gas facility is not available.
  • The refrigerator is to be shared by all the pilgrims. Therefore, Pilgrims are requested to use it optimally.
  • Pilgrims should not leave their room/building with food being cooked. It is observed that this could lead to fire and is a serious safety threat.
  • Water is supplied by Zam Zam authorities in each building. It starts after 15th of Zil-Qada to 30th of Zil-Hajjah at the rate of one litre per Pilgrim per day. Pilgrims are advised to use it judiciously and should take only their rightful amount.
  • Pilgrims should remember their building number, main landmark nearby and the nearest gate of Haram Sharif. If they miss their building, they can reach by the above information. In case they cannot, they may contact the nearest Branch Office or Haj Office.


  • There is no category of accommodation in Madinah. Pilgrims are accommodated in various buildings depending upon their arrival time and the accommodation available. Buildings are located up to 750 mtrs. from the outer periphery of the Haram Sharif.
  • Pilgrims must strictly follow the departure time schedule from Makkah to Madinah and also from Madinah to Makkah, Madinah to Madinah airport and Madinah to Jeddah airport.
  • Each Pilgrim will be provided with one mattress. Pilgrims are advised to bring their warm clothes since Madinah is expected to be cool and windy.


  • The total check-in baggage entitlement is 45 Kgs. along with 10 Kgs. of standard size hand baggage and 10 liters of Zam Zam.
  • Pilgrims are strictly advised against carrying excess baggage. Airline will not accept Zam Zam more than 10 liters and it should be in the packing of 10 liters jerry can only. Airline has the right to accept excess baggage on a payment of excess baggage rates or to refuse it.
  • While coming to the Kingdom, on the baggage the name, cover number and flight embarkation of the pilgrim should be mentioned clearly boldly in English in a manner that it is neither fadable nor be tempered.


  • In Meena pilgrims will be staying only in Moallims' camps. The space entitlement is slightly more than one square meter per pilgrim. Kindly ensure your movement from Makkah to Meena, Meena to Arafat, Arafat to Muzdalifah, Muzdalifah to Meena and Meena to Makkah from the Moallim's office. Moallim is responsible for these arrangements and providing bus service.
  • During this phase of Haj pilgrims should not panic or be a part of a crowd which is not moving because of the chances of the stampede
  • While stoning Jamarat, pilgrims should form batches and coordinate with the Maktab/Moallims to provide them guides etc.


  • Do not carry large amounts of money in the crowded places.
  • Ensure that your luggage is loaded in the same bus as you.
  • Wear the metal wristband given by the Haj Committee.
  • In case you are lost, you ask the way to any of the Indian Haj Offices or dispensaries.
  • Do not waste water.
  • Do not encroach into another pilgrim's allotment or room.
  • Keep valuables and money in safe custody or with your Moallim.
  • Do not give money for sacrifice to any person. Either you do the Sacrifice yourself or buy the coupon from the Islamic Development Bank.
  • Do not become friendly with unknown person.
  • Do not keep extra persons, not even relatives in your rooms/tents.
  • In crowded places please take care of the old, infirm, ladies and children.
  • Be patient and considerate with fellow pilgrims. Do not lose your temper. Haj is a spiritual exercise.
  • Haj entails many difficulties and hardships. Be mentally prepared.
  • Please reconfirm your departure in advance from Haj Office.
  • Toilets would also be of western style. The pilgrims coming for Haj may prepare themselves for its use.
  • Transportation charges for Mashaer area (Makkah-Madinah-Arafat-Muzdalifah-Meena-Makkah) is not refundable. Apart from this sector the refund on other transport sectors can be done by pilgrim himself after producing original coupons to Makhtabul Ukla in Jeddah/Madinah.



Month Max Min
January 27.4 17.5
Feburary 27.5 17.6
March 31.0 20.0
April 43.5 21.2


Month Max Min Humidity
January 27.4 10.5 41%
Feburary 27.0 12.0 36%
March 30.2 17.3 27%
April 35.1 21.0 25%


  • Your Passport
  • Plane Ticket
  • Vaccination Card
  • Travel clothes – bring light woollen clothes.

Madinah is expected to be cold and windy.


Pilgrims undergoing specific treatment could bring their prescribed medicines along with the prescription and diagnosis. Those with very weak eyesight may like to carry an additional pair of spectacles.


  • Knife, daggers, weapon etc.
  • Khaskhas (Posta/Roasted opium seeds) Alcohol etc;
  • Video / Audio cassettes;
  • Any type of literature which encroaches upon Saudi Arabia sensibilities;
  • Penalty on drug trafficing is death in the Kingdom.


Consciousness of Allah

The best thing to please Allah is to watch constantly for Him and be conscious and fearful of Him in all your actions and speech.

Correct Aqidah

Every Muslim should understand that if his/her belief or `Aqidah is not sound, the Hajj or any other `Ibadah (Worship) is not accepted. So always try to correct your belief by asking scholars who will provide you with proofs from the Qur`an and Sunnah.

Pure Intention

Almighty Allah does not accept what is not directed to Him alone. Therefore, you should always be sincere and have pure intention for Hajj.

Correctness of Rituals

Any ritual is not accepted unless it is made correctly, exactly as Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) did it. "Whoever adds something new to our religion, it is rejected."


The difficulty of rituals requires every pilgrim to be patient and forgiving of others.


Do your best to make Hajj a repentance for all your sins. This repentance requires you not to commit any of these sins again.


Do your best to help Muslims, avoid pushing or hurting them in any of the Hajj rituals, especially in Twaf, Sa'ee pebble throwing, which are crowded.


Cleanliness is a true sign of faith. Therefore, you should always keep your heart, body, food, drink and everything clean. Also ask others to keep ritual and worship places as clean as possible.