Acquaint yourself about using the European style commodes in the toilets. Know how to keep the toilets clean and how to wash properly. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed in asking about these things.

In case you are lost you must ask the way to any of the Indian Haj Offices. (There are 9 Branch Offices and l main Haj Office in Makkah and 2 Branch Offices and I Min Haj Office in Madinah). From our Haj Offices you will be guided to your houses.

Learn how to use the air-conditioner and other equipment available in the rooms.

Please stay in the rooms allotted to you.

If there are others staying in your room apart from your own group, you have to be accommodating towards. Do not lock your room in such a way that others are stranded outside.

For cooking, use the kitchen facilities. Cooking in Mina is not allowed even on gas stoves.

Please identify your accommodation and surrounding areas very carefully once you reach Makkah, Madinah, Mina. This will help you in getting your bearings and prevent you from getting lost.

While entering the Haram Sharif in Makkah and madinah, identify the doors and remember through which door you are entering and in Makkah once you are inside the Tawaaf area you must identify the colour of the main gates. You must know which of these coloured gates leads to direction of your building.

You must meet visitors outside your building. This is Saudi Government law.

Be vigilant about fire hazards. Know the exit routes from your buildings and tents in case you have to evacuate quickly.

Ensure that exit routes are not blocked or locked.

If there are fire extinguishers read the instructions on them so that in case you need to use them you are familiar with their operation.

Maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene and do not litter waste or garbage. Use dustbins for throwing things.

Whenever you leave the room you must switch off the airconditioners, lights, fans, etc.

Do not waste water as water is a scarce commodity and there is acute water shortage, especially from the first of Zil-Hajja. Do not leave water-taps open.

Do not encroach upon other pilgrim's allotment or room.

Do not cook in the rooms. Cooking on kerosene stoves is discouraged as these are fire hazards.

Do not keep extra persons, not even relatives in your rooms or tents as each pilgrim gets only 2.5 sq. Mtrs. of space and you never know about the character and antecedents of unknown persons.

Do not litter your things in the room. It may cause discomfort to your co-pilgrims staying with you in the same room.

Speaking with loud voice may cause discomfort to weak, old and sick person pilgrims.

Do not store flammable substances in your rooms or tents.